Body Treatments

Lipo Cavitation


An ultrasound treatment that liquifies fat cells, in those hard to burn areas, making fat accessible to metabolize.

Loose up to 6 inches in 4 weeks. 

Body Buff


Full body smoothing treatment and deep tissue massage with the option of removing body hair at the same time.  

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Incorporates the same steps as a  facial for any other part of your body that you are experiencing skin issues.

Lymphatic Drainage


Manually drains fluid and toxins from your tissues with cupping and dry-brushing.  Helps eliminate fat cells qicker after lipo cavitation.

Skin Tightening


Warm, relaxing, radio frequency therapy tightens your skin thru heating the deep layers of tissue, stimulating the growth of collagen. 

Book this service with your cavitation session to avoid loose skin after the inches melt away. Available for face and neck as well.

Cellulite Packages Available