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Abdominal Massage

This Warm Castor oil belly rub is the ultimate stress reducing treatment, helping to heal many issues related to all internal organs. If you have lower back pain or digestive issues, this is a MUST to add on to your massage session.

There are many hormones that are produces in the gut, this service has been said to stabilize appetite and mood and help with many ailments associated with anxiety and depression.

Balancing Foot Treatment

Feet, toes, and ankles will be heated, scrubbed, massaged, wiggled, stretched, and wrapped followed by a stimulation of reflexology points to enhance detoxification and reduce fatigue. 

Our pores on the bottom of  our feet are larger than other skin pores, our soles are major areas of our skin that expel toxins, therefore, the high grade oils are super absorbed when massaged on the soles of feet. 

Blue-Violet Head Massage

This session will focus on relieving

Chronic Head Aches

Sinus Issues 


TMJ pain

Mental Stress Loss of Motion in Neck

Inhale and exhale with guided breath work as you are saturated with these powerful healing oils. Choice of:

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary Head Cooling Treatment

Castor Oil Hair & Skin Blend

Warm Lime Scalp Massage.

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Powders and Oils

Signature Supreme Session

12 styles of bodywork

Combined into a  200 minute massage session focused on"opening up" the entire muscular system, skeletal system, and energy pathways by putting the body into deep relaxation and working on multiple layers of tissue to  release toxins and adhesions, balance Chi, and return the body to a healthy posture.

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