Organic Skin Care

Honey Lemon Lift


This Custom Signature Facial will combine remedies that will cleanse, balance, soften, and heal your skin beyond your expectations while firming and toning. 

Fantastic Fruity Facial


A Lucious sensory journey will feed your skin with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from these nourishing organic formulas, including  natural Pomegranate, Blueberry, and Papaya enzymes, to give you a fresh, healthy glow.

CoCoa Bliss


Raw cocoa and clays will be mixed to give your skin the ultimate detox followed by a hydrating, plumping, chocolate mouse mask. 

Kombucha Cleanse


Probiotics, raw clays, and Blue light therapy will naturally heal and enhance this deep pore cleansing facial for acneic skin. You will learn how to care for your teen or adult acne naturally and effectively. 

Pure Products for Natural Beauty

Natural Solutions for Healthy Skin

Shungite Silk Facial

Ancient remedies, from Korea to Russia, are combined in this one of a kind  balancing, healing, and softening treatment. The Shungite stone, only found in the rivers of Russia and Finland, is used to purify the water that will be used in this facial and heal your body from the damages of Electro magnetic radiation that we are exposed to every day thru our use of technology. 

Silk cocoons from Korea containing nourishing amino acids will gently exfoliate while infusing softening nutrients into your skin.

 This trademark facial service also includes Russian and Korean massage techniques to tighten and brighten your skin while relaxing your mind and reviving your spirit. 

Shungite is a powerful stone used to neutralize and balance. Due to its metaphysical properties, it has the ability to affect the bio energy of the body and its chakra