Organic Skin Care

Honey Lemon Facial (Brighten & Tighten)

This Custom Signature Facial will combine remedies that will cleanse, balance, soften, and heal your skin beyond your expectations.

Fruit Berry Facial (Smooth & Soften)

A Lucious sensory journey of nourishing organic formulas including a natural Pomegranate, Coco Creme, Pumpkin, or Blueberry Peel.

Salty Green Facial (Anti-Aging)

Feed your face with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Kombucha Facial (Balancing)

Probiotics, raw clays, and Blue light therapy will naturally heal and enhance this deep pore cleansing facial for acneic skin. You will learn how to care for your teen or adult acne naturally and effectively. 

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